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Member Spotlight

Meet our newest Member Spotlight! Each month, we feature one of our Chamber Members.

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Bayview Funding

We asked Ryan Altick, Vice President and Regional Sales Manager at Bayview Funding, to tell us more about the company and about being a part of the Poway Chamber. For those looking for more information about Bayview Funding, Ryan can be reached directly at or by phone at (415) 497-0650.
Tell us about your company.
BayView Funding provides accounts receivable financing (factoring) for small and medium sized businesses. Factoring receivables can be a lifesaver for small businesses, providing immediate cash flow by selling their accounts receivable to a third-party financial institution at a discount. This process accelerates the collection of funds that might otherwise be tied up in unpaid invoices, enabling small businesses to cover operating expenses, invest in growth initiatives, or seize new opportunities without waiting for customers to pay. Additionally, factoring eliminates the need for businesses to manage collections, reducing administrative burdens and allowing them to focus on core operations. Overall, factoring receivables serves as a flexible financing solution, especially beneficial for businesses facing cash flow challenges or seeking to fuel expansion.
What made you decide to choose this field or industry?
I have been helping small businesses manage their cash flow for the past 10 years and had previously run a small online marketing business. I understood firsthand the needs for additional working capital, the difficulty and length of time in getting financing from the bank and I wanted to be part of the solution to help these businesses grow.
What is the most interesting part of your business?
Learning the nuances of each business I come across and the services they provide. I have worked with almost every type of small business in America and it has opened my eyes to the ingenuity and resolve of the American small business owner.
What do you wish you knew starting out, or what would you have done differently?
I wish I knew how expensive some other forms of financing were for small businesses and I would have steered clients away from them when I saw them leaning that way.
What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of helping small businesses succeed with essential services like payroll, expansion, and growth. It is awesome to know that we had a direct hand in that!
Tell us something we would not know about you.
I was an avid rugby player for over 15 years and member of Old Mission Beach Athletic Club! (OMBAC)
What keeps you inspired and motivated?
My 2 son's Blake and Jack (2 and 1) and my wife Ashley. We moved to our home in Poway February 2023 and are motivated to be a strong member of the community for the long haul.
When and why did you join the Poway Chamber of Commerce?
I am eager to meet fellow business owners in the community, expand my network and to help small and mediums sized businesses thrive and grow.
What would you tell someone who is considering joining the Poway Chamber?
Come to an event. Nothing bad can happen from meeting new people and like minded entrepreneurs!
What has been your favorite part of being a member of the Poway Chamber of Commerce?
The feeling that comes with being part of a community that helps the city that I live in and plan on being a part of for a long time.

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