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Member Spotlight

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Belmont Village Sabre Springs

We asked Kristen Becker, Director of Sales and Marketing at Belmont Village Senior Living, to tell us more about the company and about being a part of the Poway Chamber. For those looking for more information about Belmont Village, Kristen can be reached directly at or by phone at 858-245-1455.
Tell us about your company.
At Belmont Village Sabre Springs, you’ll find a unique balance of innovative, research-based programming, best-in-class care and resident-centered living. Our community offers independent living, assisted living and award-winning memory care in San Diego.
What made you decide to choose this field or industry?
I was blessed to have very close friendships with my grand and great-grand parents. Resulting in a deep adoration for the senior population. Approximately 7 years ago I met someone who was in marketing for Belmont Village, and I quickly fell in love with the opportunity of working somewhere where seniors can live and thrive.
What is the most interesting part of your business?
By far the most interesting part of my business is the opportunity to meet and learn from incredible seniors who have lived long and rewarding lives. I consider it a privilege to assisting them in choosing their forever home and supporting them in that transition. I love to watch their world open up to the enriching lifestyle of senior community living.
What do you wish you knew starting out, or what would you have done differently?
I wish I had known more about Dementia prior to working in senior living. It can be an extremely difficult disease to navigate with yourself or a loved one. I have learned so much about the disease and how to properly care for someone with it. I wish there were more educational opportunities for the public to prepare themselves if they ever find themselves facing it.
What are you most proud of?
I am very proud to represent a senior living community with the highest standards of hospitality and care. I am proud every time a resident tells me how happy they are, how they wish they would have moved sooner, and how Belmont Village has allowed them to live a fulfilling life. I am equally as proud when their family members thank me for knowing their loved one is happy and safe.
Tell us something we would not know about you.
You may not know that Belmont Village Belmont Village Senior Living pioneered a very unique comprehensive therapeutic program to specifically address the needs and abilities of our residents with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and early stage memory loss. What makes our program unique is the combination of a wellness model with mental fitness to create a Whole Brain Fitness lifestyle outside of a typical secured memory care environment.
What keeps you inspired and motivated?
Simple, our residents at our communities inspire me to live a healthy life to the very fullest. They motivate me to educate anyone and everyone on the benefits of a senior living environment which promotes a healthy diet, daily exercise, increased socialization, cognitive fitness, and more.
When and why did you join the Poway Chamber of Commerce?
Belmont Village joined the Poway Chamber of Commerce quite a while ago, as we have been here in the Poway area for almost 23 years. I find it very valuable to participate in it to not only showcase our business but to support others.
What would you tell someone who is considering joining the Poway Chamber?
We are all here for the same reason, to educate and helps others with our businesses and support our community. Don't be shy, come meet and learn about the other members and you will receive a rewarding relationship and experience in return.
What has been your favorite part of being a member of the Poway Chamber of Commerce?
My favorite part of being a member of the Poway Chamber of Commerce creating relationships. It allows us to guide anyone we meet to reliable resources within our community.

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